Core Values: Timeliness, Accuracy, Security

We help you to get more work done in less time with fewer resources at a lower cost to your firm.

Work engagements are executed by professional CPAs and technicians with files always completed to client’s preferences and standards

Service Segments: Compilation, Tax, Bookkeeping

1. Compilation Processing

Our Compilation service provides accountants with a timely, cost-effective and professionally prepared set of compilation file deliverables.

Service includes:

  • Preparation of financial statements.
  • CaseWare™ working paper files are completed to your standards.
  • Finalized T2 return.

You’ll receive:

  • Completed working papers in CaseWare™.
  • Completed T2 return.
  • Financial statements using your CaseView™ or Jazz-It™ templates.
  • Final adjustments based on your review.
  • GST return (if required).

What we do:

  • Roll forward your CaseWare™ file.
  • Import GL or TB to CaseWare™ (according to your preference).
  • Perform variance analysis and an initial review of the general ledger.
  • Prepare a list of required documents (RD).
  • After receipt of required documents, we complete working papers, financial statements and T2.
  • Ensure that major accounts are reconciled and/or reasonableness determined.
  • Ensure the inclusion of continuity schedules for assets, inter-­company and shareholder accounts.
  • Marketable securities are reconciled to T3 and T5 slips (if required).
  • Ensure that all source documents are embedded, linked, cross-referenced.
  • Files are prepared, reviewed and returned to you within ten (10) working days.

2. Bookkeeping

Our Bookkeeping service is a value-add extension to our compilation services delivering the benefits of time-savings and for some, the potential for a new revenue stream.

Service includes:

  • Professional bookkeeping completed QuickBooks™ (QBO™), Sage™ & MS Excel™.
  • We maintain the highest levels of confidentiality and privacy with established, and stringent guidelines and security protocols.
  • Work is assigned to our dedicated specialized team of bookkeeping professionals.

What we do:

  • Provide detailed bookkeeping or summarization of revenues and expenses.
  • Utilize your choice of software: QuickBooks™ (inc. QBO™), Sage™ or Excel™.
  • Reconcile bank and other major balances.
  • Provide monthly, quarterly or annual GST/HST returns.
  • Simple Process
  • Login and upload your accounting file & supporting documents.
  • Aside from any points requiring any clarification, our accountants complete your file.
  • You are notified that your completed and reviewed work is ready for you to download.

Accounting Outsourcing brings benefits that extend to you and your firm through to your clients

  • Applying an outsourcing strategy you will realize revitalized organizational flexibility.
  • More professional time will be available to you and your accounting practice.
  • Use available time to improve responsiveness and strengthen client relationships.
  • Newfound production process efficiencies can result in substantial cost savings.
  • Realize increases in individual productivity, shortened engagement schedules.
  • With concurrent file processing you can deliver greater volumes of year-end files.
  • Yield immediate benefits when the return on time investment is augmented.
  • Increasing your financial returns can be improved through accelerated billing cycles.
  • More available can be directed to your primary source of revenue – your clients.

Have your backlog of year-end files completed and ready for your final review within 10 business days… guaranteed

Time, Productivity, Profits

  • More time for you and for your clients
  • Accelerate work completion
  • Maximize revenues and cash flow
  • Easily scale your operations
  • Optimize production efficiency levels
  • Access HR resources at minimal cost
  • Cut file production costs by up to 50%
  • Reduce filing time by up to 75%
  • Load balance work engagements
  • Expand your business capacity
  • Meet deadlines
  • Streamline your billing cycle
  • Improve your bottom line