Here are answers to some of the most common questions regarding the firm and its accounting outsourcing services

Are accounting outsourcing services new?

No. Outsourcing became prevalent in the accounting industry in the 80’s and was adopted by a number of leading accounting multinationals. The motivation for this change was ultimately the positive impacts on production, the positive effects on workflow process & efficiencies, the significant cost ratio improvements and the augmenting of bottom line profitability and shareholder value.

Do you outsource to a third party?

No. Our international offices are staffed with CPA’s who have been specifically selected and trained by Sundal.

What about the quality of work executed on my files?

In setting up your account and profile, we will get to thoroughly understand your specific preferences. Your files are prepared to your exacting standards and are subject to a multi-level review by a Sundal staff accountant and by a CPA-Quality Control Manager. Sundal’s Quality Control Team conducts the final review prior to the completed file being returned to you.

What about the security and integrity of my client data?

With all engagements, client data resides on our secure server systems in Calgary.

Sundal International staff members utilize thin-client systems (with no ability to print or store) to communicate with the Canadian servers.

Only users and groups authenticated by their domain credentials are able to access specific applications and data.

What do I have to do before we request a file or work to be completed?

You will simply login with your assigned security credentials that we provide to you.

You request the processing of your required file(s).

Related to compilation work, we will roll forward your CaseWare™ file, import the GL or trial balance from your client’s accounting file, organize the supporting documents, and our accountants will process your file to its completion and return it to you.

Who do we contact if we have questions on a file?

Your account will be assigned to a CPA who will coordinate all of your work requests.

In addition to having a Canadian account executive as your primary contact and a Sundal accountant is available for answering and clarifying any detailed technical or tax queries.

What are the turnaround times for completed work?

For compilation work, our guaranteed return to you is 10 business days of submission.

For cases where faster turnaround times are required, Sundal will confirm within 24 hrs. of a request the possible time for completed “rush” work.

Personal tax files are generally returned within 72 hours of submission.

What disclosures are required for the outsourcing of accounting work?

Accountants will generally attest within their engagement letter to clients that they may and can engage third party service providers in the completion of necessary work.

Firms may indicate that there may be a need to disclose client information to third parties who provide help in servicing their accounts.

Prior to sign-off and delivery of completed work, your clients are assured that your firm has reviewed their work.

How knowledgeable are Sundal CPA’s about Canadian tax and laws?

Sundal CPA’s have specific experience in Canadian tax. Some with as many as 8 years of completing compilation and tax engagements.

They have been trained to meet or exceed the quality of NTR and personal tax preparation done within most Canadian firms.

Sundal conducts regular training programs followed by extensive practical training through the preparation of sample work.

How are files transmitted to Sundal’s facility?

The required documents and data files are transmitted through Sundal’s secure file and work management system using 128-bit to 256-bit encryption to a secure Calgary-housed server.

Can I communicate directly with the Sundal accountants?

Upon request, Sundal can facilitate communication directly with an assigned accountant. Replicating the way accountants interact with their staff internally, Sundal facilitates the interaction with the assigned Sundal CPA.