Are You Concerned With?

Managing Change

Planning for Growth

Controlling Expenses

Acquiring New Business

Succession – What Next?

Keeping up with Evolving Technology

Responding to Escalating Client Demands

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Are The Demands On Your Time Wearing You Down?

Facing Growing Monthly WIP?

Missing Tightening Deadlines?

Hitting your Work Capacity Threshold?

Seeing an Increase in your Operating Costs?

Challenged with Finding and Retaining Staff?

Having Difficulties Attracting New Business?

Experiencing Longer than Acceptable Turnaround Times?

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Applying Accounting Outsourcing You Can

Ease Expense Reduction and Planning

Get Current With All of Your Engagements

Increase your Volume of Work Without Adding Staff

Accelerate your Billing Cycle and Improve Cash-Flow

Improve and Better Manage your Client Relationships

Free up More Time for Yourself, your Family and Friends

Relief from the Concerns and Need for Temporary Staffing

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Accounting Outsourcing Made Easy

Deploying an outsourcing strategy can yield measurable and impressive benefits to one's accounting practice. Sundal looks to assist accountants in the execution of baseline time consumptive work tasks that tend to impact a professional's time. We work with our clients to deliver a set of accounting services with one overarching goal:

To provide accountants an easy way to get more work done in less time with fewer resources and at a lower cost to the firm.


Our compilation service provides accountants with expertly prepared set of deliverables.

Our team of specialized accountants professionally process and complete your files. You receive your completed work based on your established or required “look and feel” in 10 working days or less.

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Personal Tax

You can eliminate the concerns and need for temporary staffing.

Our T1 service provides accountants with a highly optimized way of streamlining tax return preparation. Efficient and secure, our managed service will save time and relieve you of the stress, frustrations, and long hours of personal tax season.

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Our bookkeeping service can help you to increase your value to your clients.

Free yourself and your practice of unwanted work or even expand your service offering with an additional revenue stream without “time-taxing” your staff.
Following your client's specific requirements, bookkeeping work is prepared on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

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